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Pussycat Bow | Silver | Bolo Tie

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Pussycat Bow Bolo Tie

| Hand Polished 92.5 Sterling Silver

| The Bow Measures 83mm (3.3in) Wide by 37mm (1.5in) High, with a 91cm (36in) Braided Vinyl Cord

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Traditionally, the bolo tie has been the official neckwear in various cities around the globe and has long been recognized for its uniqueness and elegance. With a touch of contemporary spirit, we are proud to bring this graceful neckwear back in style. This bolo is made of sterling silver with a 36" braided vinyl cord encased in sterling silver tips. This design features a silicone component that allows for easy adjustment up or down the cord. Gift wrapping and special customizations available upon request.

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