Materials & Makers

Our Ethical Approach

Consciously Creating

We are Driven By Responsible Design

Ethically Sourced

We aim to continue our long-term working relationship with our partners that continue to align with our sourcing needs, quility and preformance standards, and creating a safe enviroment for their workers.

Better Materials

From recycling all scap materials (metals, paper, packaging & mailing materials, and even ink cartridges) to selecting recycled materials, we try our best to create a brighter future for our planet

Staying Local

The majority of the designs in my shop are my original designs, carefully crafted in the heart of Philadelphia. I also conciously curate a handful of designs by other reputable designers.

What We're Made Of

Our Materials & Metals

Our jewelry is hypoallergenic and perfect for anyone with sensitive skin. Our gold layer is made of high-quality 24k Gold, 18k Gold, or 14k Rose Gold. Sterling Silver is widely considered one of the safest to wear for sensitive skin.

Our Partners

We only work with a few hand selected partners, whom we know to be reputable and ethical.

We are committed to creating products that not only have positive impacts on our planet, but on the quality of life of the workers who are creating it.

Philadelphia, USA

Bangkok, Thailand

Guangzhou, China

100% of Our Packaging is Recyclable

My latest achievement has been 100% recyclable packaging, which has been a long-awaited goal I've been working towards.

LBMA Certified

Committed to satisfying high standards in terms of gold purity, quality and physical appearance. LBMA gold bar is a gold bar manufactured by a refiner listed in the Good Delivery list.

RJC Certified

Commited to respecting human rights, the enviroment, and supply chain management that are held accountable towards responsible practices in diamond, gold, and platinum metals.

Carbon Neutral Certified

Carbon neutral means that any CO2 released into the atmosphere from a company's activities is balanced by an equivalent amount being removed.